About 2,550 folks work the Port of Felixstowe – the country’s busiest port, handling concerning forty eighth of the UK’s instrumentality trade. putting employees embrace crane drivers, machine operators and stevedores who load and unload ships.

Strike at key kingdom port to value ‘stack of money’

Port representative Paul Davey aforesaid the common buy employees at Felixstowe was £43,000, and workers had been offered a seven-membered rise and one payment of £500.

He said the supply portrayed a rise of between eight.1% and 9.6%, relying upon the class of employee at the port, at a time once the common pay increase within the country was five-hitter.

“We’ve got a shrinking economy, we’re going into recession… i feel that is a really honest supply so,” he said.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme, he added the strikes were a part of Unite’s “national agenda”.

“It serves their purpose well to own a strike here at Felixstowe… i do know several of them [workers] feel they are getting used as pawns during this game.”


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