Clerks 3

Clerks 3 stars Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith become Jay and Silent Bob once again to wish their fans a Merry Christmas. Mewes and Smith made their presentation as their famous stoner characters way back in Smith’s first feature film Clerks in 1994.

Before Clerks III releases to the world, Mewes and Smith have brought out Jay and Silent Bob for another special appearance via Smith’s Instagram account. Obviously the Christmas message of the post has a slight capitalistic thought process as Smith welcomes fans to purchase Mooby’s gear featured in the image, including a Mooby’s appalling sweater and a Mooby’s hockey pullover. See the post in the space beneath:

The youngsters’ TV character Mooby obviously is himself a repetitive character in Smith’s filmography, having featured heavily in the strict satire of Dogma and especially in Clerks II, where the characters of Randal and Dante are compelled to go to work at a Mooby’s fast food restaurant after the Quick Stop odds and ends shop burns to the ground. Clerks III will no uncertainty allow Smith one more opportunity to draw out the Mooby character and score a few focuses to the detriment of commercialization (while making a couple of dollars offering merchandise featuring the character that exists to make fun of industrialism).

It remains to be seen what new hijinks Jay and Silent Bob will get up to when they return for another feature film appearance in Clerks III. It’s certain anyway that the characters will wear their classic look, as Smith even uncovered the hoodie he previously wore as Silent Bob way back in 1994. Story-wise, Clerks 3 will have a chosen meta-film angle as it sees Randal and Dante making a film about their time at the Quick Stop corner shop. No uncertainty Smith ends up feeling intelligent this time around after his own health issues, subsequently his longing to return to the Quick Stop and investigate his own film legacy.


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