New Netflix film is developing, inspired by the wholesome viral story of an invited grandma a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner. Back in 2016, Arizona local Wanda Dench sent a text to 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, inviting him to Thanksgiving, thinking it was her grandson’s number. Hinton wound up attending Dench’s vacation dinner and has continued to celebrate with her consistently since.

Assortment reports that Netflix is releasing a film inspired by the heartwarming viral story, called The Thanksgiving Text. The film will be composed by Abdul Williams. Hinton and Dench will also be working on the improvement of The Thanksgiving Text, which Hinton as of late announced on Twitter. Look at his tweet beneath:

While festive family films or repulsiveness classics are normal for Christmas and Halloween, Thanksgiving films have previously been somewhat more subtle in their methods of featuring the November festivity. Needless to say, there aren’t too many Thanksgiving films that are universal classics. Thanksgiving films may be tougher to classify, however sometimes it’s more with regards to the demonstration of watching a festive film than the subject matter itself. It’s sometimes the best an ideal opportunity to authoritatively start watching Christmas flicks. Or then again it can just be about the custom and a decent way to spend time with family subsequent to indulging in a good dinner. Some Thanksgiving films would include Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Rocky, and Lady Bird. Yet, now, Netflix is taking an unpredictable way to deal with making a festive film by basing it on an innocent social media post that caught the hearts of many.

Rarely would an interesting tweet about an off-base number mishap ends up landing a Netflix film bargain. However, the story behind The Thanksgiving Text is extremely unadulterated and will probably be a touching story for families to observe together. Netflix isn’t new to finding unusual inspiration and transforming it into content based on reality — think of the phenomenon of Tiger King. The Thanksgiving Text also gives Netflix an opportunity to share a genuine vibe great story with its subscribers that is sure to draw in a wide assortment of viewers.


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