The central Chinese city of  Zhengzhou , relocated more around 100,000 people after the torrential rainfall  caused widespread flooding in the city known for the world’s biggest production base for Apple iPhones and a major hub for food production and heavy industry. At least 12 people have also lost their lives, according to a report.

Zhengzhou  saw a record 18 inches of rainfall in the 24 hours through 5 pm on Tuesday,the highest records began for the city of more than 10 million people , Xinhua reported.  The heavy rains and flooding, causes  inbound flights have been suspended in the city, while rescue operations are underway to evacuate locals to the safe area.

Several parts of the city also homes and factories  faces power outageas historic demand and supply shortage energy grids   , while roads submerged in the rainwater. Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the deadly flooding “extremely severe”, state media reported.

“Some reservoirs had their dams burst… causing serious injury, loss of life and property damage. The flood control situation is extremely severe,” Xi was quoted as saying, adding events were at a “critical stage”.

The Chinese president has also asked officials to step up disaster relief measures.

Henan’s Zhengzhou city is known to house the largest iPhone-making plant in the world. It is owned by Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision Industry Co. The massive flooding has hit the city just as the company is preparing to ramp up production ahead of Apple’s launch event for the latest devices.

The  flooding in Henan  has also impact  food supply in China. The province is the seond largest food producers  , accounts for about a quarter of the  wheat harvest and is a major centre for frozen food production. It is also a key hub for coal and metals.

The factory can produce 5,00,000 iPhones a day and is known as “iPhone City” by locals according to reports .The company is now monitoring the situation, this  representative was quoted  by Bloomberg.


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