The famous scene in Superman: The Movie, in which its nominal Kryptonian takes Lois Lane flying all through Metropolis, has been recreated by Funko. While we might live in the brilliant time of comic book movies, Richard Donner’s Superman set the standard for superhero blockbusters back in 1978, getting basic and business praise. As the series’ first installment, Superman features Clark Kent’s (Christopher Reeve) history and prologue to journalist Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) at the Daily Planet.

Funko as of late released a couple of Pop! figures inspired by the flying scene in Superman. The figures of Superman and Lois come bundled together and, while they are exclusive to the UK retailer Zavvi, do ship globally. Fans can pre-request them here before they release in March. Check out the figures underneath:

Donner’s Superman spawned three sequels. The more comedic 1980 movie Superman II got universal praise and is considered by some to be stunningly better than the first. However, its successors declined in quality and ostensibly added to a significant part of the camp seen in the previous century’s comic book movies. Since then, Superman, Lois, and their portrayal of flight have gone through an incredible development onscreen. After several bombed attempts at resurrecting the franchise, 2006’s Superman Returns got positive reviews from critics for following the originals. However, the film bombarded at the box office. It wasn’t until Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (2013) starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams that Superman and Lois took off at the box office.

Right after 2017’s “Josstice League,” Snyder’s Justice League, and the controversy surrounding Warner Bros./DC Films’ DC Extended Universe, the eventual fate of Superman remains unsure. Man of Steel 2 is possible not probable despite fan campaigns for the studio to green light it. Instead, the focus is on a J.J. Abrams-delivered reboot starring a dark Superman and a Michael B. Jordan-delivered series highlighting Val Zod on HBO Max. Suffice to say, there’s no telling when and how Superman and his playmate take to the skies straightaway. Regardless, as is the case with everything mainstream society, there’s sure to be a lot of Superman-inspired Funko Pops not too far off.


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