The organisation representing the taxi trade aforementioned over 0.5 the licensed drivers haven’t came to the trade since the pandemic.

The licensed non-public car rent Association estimate the trade is brief of a hundred and sixty,000 of the antecedently three hundred,000-strong manpower.

“This may be a real national downside that affects everywhere,” aforementioned Steve Wright, Chairman of the LPCHA.

Many drivers left the trade throughout lockdowns as demand plummeted.

Public safety issue’

The student’s friend also shared their experience: “A taxi driver let another guy get in an exceedingly taxi with Pine Tree State once I finished work and he was hell for leather drunk – i was like, no!”

Another student explained she asked her Mum raise for a lift instead.

The National Union of scholars aforementioned some universities were partnering with taxi companies to form safer routes to students. However, the union urged the govt. to try and do more: “This may be a public safety issue, and it important that we have a tendency to address it currently in order that we have a tendency to stop seeing students stranded in unknown areas,” aforementioned Edmund Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, vice president for higher education.

The getting dark Industries Association aforementioned the difficulty raises considerations over transport infrastructure. The association’s chief government Michael Kill aforementioned he was afraid by the driving force shortage and mixed up it to be prioritised by the govt. and town leaders across the country.

“With attention on vulnerability, and therefore the safety of girls at the hours of darkness, and thousands of night employees across the country, we have a tendency to cannot underestimate the important role these services play keep individuals safe at nighttime,” mister Kill supplemental.

A advocator from the Department for Transport responded: “While provision of taxi licences is that the responsibility of native Authorities, we have a tendency to still work with trade teams to deal with considerations over potential shortages.”

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve got supported personal rent vehicle drivers through grants from the Self-Employment financial gain Support theme,” the advocator supplemental.

The Department for Transport conjointly plans to revise licensing pointers, however consultations on this can not happen till next year.

A taxi driver should apply to their native council for a license, which might price up to £600 a year. Drivers should conjointly acquire a listing and full medical check, additionally because the notable “Knowledge” examination.


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