Two Metropolitan cops have admitted taking and sharing images of the bodies of 2 sisters who were dead in north-west London.

PC Deniz Jaffer, 47, and computer Jamie Lewis, 33, distributed the photographs of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman when their deaths.

They broken a cordon to require photos and one used “degrading and sexist” language during a WhatsApp cluster.

Both officers admitted misconduct during a place.
Speaking when the Old Bailey hearing, the sisters’ mother mynah Smallman said: “It might sound extremely ridiculous that this case has brought us to even additional anxiety nowadays.

“It’s the foremost nervous I’ve felt doing any interview, and that i suppose as a result of it had been the ultimate straw.

“You recognize you head to London to begin to arrange the funeral of your dead kids and so you are forced to own a gathering with the IOPC (Independent workplace for Police Conduct) and also the then commander, to inform you that law enforcement officials that ought to are protective the area had truly taken selfies and sent them dead set a tooth doctor and a doctor and a WhatsApp cluster.

“There’s details of this whole incident that we have a tendency to cannot share with you, however they’ll set out in time,” she supplemental, saying that she wished to impart the IOPC and one amongst its workers especially, who had been “horrified and virtually in tears” concerning what had happened.

Ms Smallman, who has antecedently condemned the officers as “Despicable one and Despicable 2”, was at the Old Bailey for the hearing, wherever choose Mark Lucraft QC granted Jaffer and Lewis conditional bail.

Judge Lucraft, who are going to be sentencing them next month, warned the constables: “These matters area unit very serious and you ought to be underneath no illusions once you come back for sentence it’s very probably you’ll receive tutelar sentences, tutelar sentences of some length, for your conduct.”


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