Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac announced the death of a beloved regular guest this week.On Friday, a heartbroken Sam revealed that ‘dear friend of the show’ Carol Embleton had passed away. 

‘She wrote many years ago to me about wearing the colour “dirty green” and she became a character  she had such an amazing sense of humour,’ Sam said.

 ‘And we welcomed her into the Sunrise family. Sadly, she passed away over the weekend,’ he continued. ‘So we just wanted to send some love and share a little bit of how Carol made us smile.’ Sam said that Carole ‘really made us smile’, before gushing more about her contributions to the morning show.

‘She was a very special person and she became friends of ours… we spoke to her almost every week in some capacity through the highs and the lows,’ he said.‘She really made us smile’: Sam is pictured with Carol inside of her home.

‘She had her health battles but she was always a beautiful person and a beautiful heart and a wonderful, sharp, cutting sense of humour, which we love.’Carol, a loyal Sunrise viewer, became part of the show after complaining about Sam’s green wardrobe. She would also jokingly ‘troll’ Sam on Instagram by leaving comments about his clothing.

‘That bloody awful green top is horrible, just not your colours  no sleep, no shave,’ she wrote on one post. Sam eventually visited Carol at her home on the NSW Central Coast for a Sunrise segment.


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