With Iron Man gone, the MCU’s Nova film could be the perfect replacement for Tony Stark in Richard Rider. With reports that Marvel has begun advancement on a Nova film, it’s conceivable that Richard Rider could be set up to become the Iron Man of the universe seeing as how they have some common elements in the pages of Marvel Comics (and in addition to their separately notorious suits/protective caps).

Picked indiscriminately by a fundamentally injured Nova Corps officer after a staggering assault that cleared out the planet Xandar and the aggregate of the Corps, Richard Rider became a legend of Earth. Known as the Human Rocket, Rider acquired the forces of flight, super-strength, and energy manipulation like his capacity to release incredible concussive impacts. Appealling and persistent, Rider at last took to the stars once the Nova Corps was remade to become a legitimate officer. Notwithstanding, Rider became the Last Nova again when Xandar was assaulted again. This time, Nova became Nova Prime, employing the aggregate of the Nova Force, the influence source implied for each officer in the Corps while likewise facilitating the Worldmind, the aware AI awareness containing the aggregate information on Xandar who aided aide Richard during fight, looking like Tony Stark’s JARVIS (albeit substantially more progressed). In that capacity, many of the components found inside Rider can likewise be found in Tony Stark, making the Last Nova an optimal replacement for the previous Armored Avenger.

While Rider will most likely fill in as a legend of the universe as Nova Prime thanks to Thanos’ obliteration of Xandar, he could undoubtedly fill in as an Iron Man replacement in a greater number of ways than one, including his situation as a successive member of the Guardians of the Galaxy (likened to Iron Man’s status as an establishing Avenger). Furnished Marvel Studios picks an actor with the ideal character to play Richard Rider when projecting Nova for the MCU, Nova Prime could ultimately become similarly as a very remarkable easily recognized name in the MCU and Tony Stark himself.

Once more, while it is difficult to absolutely supplant Iron Man in the MCU, Nova Prime checks many of the equivalent boxes. Both saints use interesting force sources while wearing helmeted suits of covering which permits them to fly while using noteworthy cautious capacities. They likewise have AI characters to offer help while additionally conveying comparative characters as legends who are eventually willing to take the necessary steps to guard Earth and the universe in the MCU, a reality that remains constant for Iron Man similarly as for Nova.


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