Travellers heading to Scotland for the COP26 climate summit are left stranded by major rail disruption caused by “intense storms”.

Hundreds of folks were left at London’s Euston station once fallen trees meant all trains were suspended.

The disruption was at the start caused by harm to overhead electrical wires between football game and Milton Keynes.

Network Rail aforementioned trains had been able to resume employing a diversion just for that route to then additionally become blocked.
An update aforementioned additional harm on the diversion route via Northampton meant trains had stopped running in and out of Euston once more.

Earlier on Sunday, the south and east of England were battered by serious rain and gusts of up to 80mph.

There were additionally reports of a “tornado” in Northamptonshire.
Climate change soul Simon Lewis has been stuck on a train for quite 3 hours as a results of the disruption.

The University school London academic was on the 11:00 gmt service to Edinburgh, that came to a halt forty five minutes when departure and had still not created Peterborough – the primary stop – many hours later.


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