The films and shows in MCU Phase 4 propose that Marvel is finally getting a grip on the most ideal way of approaching its anti-heroes. Adapting its A-list legends hasn’t been a significant issue for Marvel Studios, however it appears to battle with regards to characters who are either outright villains or fiddle with ethically hazy situations.

That changed for not one, but rather every one of the four of the MCU’s greatest wannabes. For quite a long time, there was a complaint about Black Widow not having her own film, and keeping in mind that a contention can be made that it arrived too behind schedule it finally occurred in Phase 4. Dark Widow additionally sorted through her person’s backstory and gave her very own supporting cast. There’s likewise the issue of WandaVision, which took a transformed villain in Scarlet Witch and truly took advantage of her potential as a screw-up. The show essentially made her very own villain story, while additionally managing to depict her as a profoundly thoughtful figure simultaneously.

Loki took that somewhat further and demonstrated that a villain can indeed fill in as a lead character in a MCU project. The Disney+ series permitted him to stand him separated from Thor (Chris Hemsworth) interestingly, and recovered him in a way that was one of a kind to how the MCU films moved toward his bend in the Infinity Saga. Concerning Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) he was given something genuinely meaningful to do in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which showed how he was coping with his wicked past. His experience with Falcon (Anthony Mackie) felt like the MCU experience he’s constantly merited yet couldn’t have in the films.

If the report about Marvel’s arrangement for a Thunderbolts film is valid, its satisfying treatment of Winter Soldier (and other wannabes) is probably going to continue into Phase 5 and beyond. In light of who he is as a person just as his comic history, Bucky feels like a strong (and possible) decision for Thunderbolts’ administration sanctioned screw-up group. Thunderclaps delivering a commendable story for Winter Soldier, using seriously existing MCU villains as protagonists, and exploring their stories could seem to be the ideal culmination of its endeavors to completely foster its wannabes.


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