There are quite 9 million confirmed cases of coronavirus within the United Kingdom and quite 140,000 folks have died, government figures show.

However, these figures embody solely those who have died inside twenty eight days of testing positive for coronavirus.

So far, concerning eighty seven of individuals aged twelve and over within the GB have had their initial dose of a coronavirus immunizing agent and seventy nine have had their second. A booster campaign for the foremost vulnerable is additionally beneath means.

Daily cases stay high

After falling sharply at the tip of July, the common variety of daily confirmed cases has been mounting since the tip of September. However, there are currently signs of alittle fall.

A further 41,278 confirmed cases were declared on Saturday.

The recent spikes are driven by the Delta variant, that spreads quicker than the antecedently most typical Kent variant (now named Alpha).

NHS leaders have demanded the introduction of some Covid restrictions, like obligatory face coverings in jam-pawncked and encircled areas, to avoid a winter crisis.

But the govt aforesaid there have been no plans to activate the questionable arrange B for winter. They aforesaid they’d still monitor the information however vaccination had weakened link between cases, hospital admissions and deaths.

Why area unit United Kingdom cases thus high?

It is thought the infection rate within the initial peak of the virus in spring last year was abundant above was evident from the according variety of cases. Testing capability was then too restricted to sight verity variety of daily cases.

The red areas on the map below show the places presently seeing the best variety of cases per 100,000 people.


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