South Park creator Matt Stone says Netflix’s reputation went up due to their response to the Dave Chappelle satire special discussion. Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of South Park, the animated satire show that has been running beginning around 1997 and is on its 24th season with additional coming. The pair created the series while in school, which later appeared on Comedy Central and became a cultural peculiarity. While charged as a parody series, the show has for quite some time been a place for socio-political commentary on pretty much every topic under the sun, be it religion, VIP, mainstream society, legislative issues, or any number of issues facing the U.S. and the world alike, all played out with frequently dark, profane, and hilarious hijinks through the eyes of four young men living in the fake town of South Park, Colorado.

In a meeting with THR talking about the eventual fate of South Park, which has always been a wellspring of contention, Stone addressed the discussion, remarking on Netflix’s response in backing Chappelle all through it. Stone says that he trusts it’s further developed Netflix’s reputation in the Hollywood people group, particularly amongst the majority of the creative individuals in the business. He says that they were happy to see Netflix’s choice to stand by their talent, which is something both South Park creators have had to suffer since the start. Here is Stone’s full remark on the matter:

“I believe Netflix’s reputation in the Hollywood people group went way, way up. That’s all I will say. There are certain individuals who don’t agree. In any case, the vast majority of creative individuals in Hollywood were happy with Netflix’s choice. That’s my inclination. I can’t demonstrate that.”

While it’s fair to dissent or censure any film or TV show, it’s easy to understand the reason why the individuals who are taking dangers and pushing boundaries in Hollywood would be happy with Netflix’s choice to stand by their talent. Stone and Parker are two individuals who have battled that battle for quite a long time and certainly have some knowledge into what it means to have a group attempt to quietness your creative endeavors due to being outraged. While paying attention to and understanding the complaints of any group over a particular task is a decent guideline, the cancellation, disruption, and confining of creative endeavors over an apparent offense by some group is a dangerous path. When the shackles of restriction are placed on projects that are meant to be controversial or challenging, the meaning of creative opportunity loses all meaning, which is a danger Netflix is clearly not apt to make and something the South Park creators understand all too well.


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