Selling Sunset

The 33-year-old reality star said she didn’t make it to the reunion because she was too sick. Christine also pointed out that attending the reunion wasn’t in her original contract. ‘When you don’t show up for a Housewives reunion,’ Andy said. ‘It’s ixnay.’ ‘Well it wasn’t part of our contract, actually,’ Christine said. ‘Are you sure?’ asked Erik Jayne, 50, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who also appeared as a guest on the Bravo talk show.

Andy pointed out that Christine’s reunion was taped on April 24, but then on April 26 she was spotted at a pool with Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey two days after testing positive. ‘I had a campaign that I was supposed to shoot with actually Lisa Rinna,’ Christine said. ‘What happened is Lisa had scheduling conflicts. This was booked three months prior.’ ‘So you did it with COVID?’ Andy asked.

‘No, I tested positive the night before and the morning of so I was able to go to set and do it outside,’ Christine said. ‘ Positive to go as in negative .’One viewer asked why she didn’t join the reunion by video chat. ‘I wasn’t feeling well at all,’ Christine said. Andy pointed out that both Erika and Christine have been called the most polarizing cast members on their shows. ‘I’m honored,’ Christine said. ‘Yeah, we’re fine,’ Erika agreed.

Christine said she didn’t even watch the reunion. Andy said since she couldn’t make it that he was going to ask her the questions that he would have asked her at the reunion.‘What’s your reaction to Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s break-up and her announcing that she is seeing 27-year-old singer G Flip?’ Andy said.Andy questioned her about her comments about terminating her contract with The Oppenheim Group. He said she seemed ready to start her own brokerage and asked if she would take her friend Chelsea with her.

‘I would love to have Chelsea come along with me,’ Christine said. ‘I’ve been working on the company for about a year and half now. It was a long time coming. It was a build up in the storyline. What happened on the show, I was working, I was building a company while we were filming the entire time.’

Andy asked her about her tweet referencing 5,000 fake story lines and for her to tell him which story lines she was referring to. Andy asked her why Emma’s client said that she approached them and offered them $5,000.

‘We have to get really creative sometimes,’ Christine said. ‘They knew that I was leaving the brokerage and it’s not convenient when you leave and do your own thing.’ ‘I don’t want to say that they came up with an excuse but yeah they kind of did,’ Christine said‘Are you leaving the show?’ Andy asked. ‘I don’t know where I am at with the show right now but I’m just focusing on my new business,’ Christine said. ‘I love television.’

‘Tom lives in a memory care facility,’ Erika said. ‘I can only say decline and further decline.’ Erika said Tom still calls her and that she picks up the phone when he does.‘It lasts about five seconds,’ Erika said. ‘He thinks he’s still practicing law.’Erika shared that she was enjoying exploring single life.

Andy pointed out that Erika has not been charged with a crime, but that Jen Shah from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has. He said the audience seemed much less outraged with Jen than with Erika and wanted to get her thoughts on that.

‘I’ve wondered myself,’ Erika said. ‘ I do know that she was charged. She’s in federal court. I am not. I am in civil court. It’s completely two different things.’Erika said she also agreed with Kyle Richards that Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke’s reconciliation was fake.

‘I know Lisa was very hurt by that, by what Sutton came on and said,’ Erika said. ‘Lisa is someone that really needs to feel that your apology is genuine.’A fan asked Erika what she thought of Sutton calling her a gold digger and saying that she was looking for a man to provide her with an extravagant life.

‘If I wanted that I could have had it,’ Erika said. ‘I want some good d*** and some good conversation. ’I’m really into finding my own self these days,’ Erika said.‘I would say Heather because she can’t do math,’ Christine said. Andy asked Erika which one of the housewives was having the least amount of sex and she said Garcelle Beauvais, 55.‘I think we should have a fivesome,’ Erika said.

Andy asked Erika what other housewives besides Sutton that she wanted to tell off.A fan asked Christine if she really thought that Chrishell was getting better listings because she was sleeping with her boss. ‘Is there preferential treatment in the office, yeah absolutely,’ Christine said.


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