Kevin Feige had an all-involved deck approach on how Marvel Studios convinced Sony to drop their plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. A long time after the finish of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man set of three, Sony rebooted the franchise and dispatched another rendition of the person played by Andrew Garfield. The initial two movies in the franchise were coordinated by Marc Webb, with plans for a third one that, sadly, didn’t work out as expected.

Obviously, to really offer the plan to Sony, Feige adjusted all chief makers at Marvel Studios to brainstorm their strategy. As uncovered in The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they coordinated a retreat in Santa Monica, however those welcomed didn’t know in advance what it was really for. Once there, Feige got some information about how this possible sharing of Spider-Man could work and what sort of stories they needed to do with the notable Marvel legend.

“With not extra time, Feige declared an ‘all hands on deck’ circumstance: Every chief maker at Marvel studios must be a piece of confidential, two-day-long, off-site retreat, held in a leased lodging space in Santa Monica. No other person at Marvel Studios was told regarding what they were doing, only that it was a ‘social affair.’

In that shut room, two inquiries were presented: If there were a chance to handle some sort of manage Sony, how might it work? Also, on the off chance that they utilized something like a five-picture bargain, what stories would they need to tell?”

Clearly, this doesn’t imply that they can’t rework new terms, especially since Venom: Let There Be Carnage has established an association with MCU’s Spider-Man films. With respect to Garfield’s dropped The Amazing Spider-Man 3 film, it’s significant that it wasn’t the actor’s issue that Sony’s arrangement didn’t work. Indeed, he was generally excellent in the job — to such an extent that fans are holding out trust that bits of gossip about his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home ends up being valid.


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