In Germany at least eight people have died and many people are missing after heavy flooding turned streams and streets into raging torrents, thorough away cars and causing some buildings to collapse.

The western city  police of Koblenz said , on Thursday that four people had died in Ahrweiler county, and about 50 people  were trapped on the roofs of their houses awaiting rescue.

The  damage in the region was still unclear after many villages were off by floodwater and landslides that made roads impassable. Authorities have declared an emergency in the region  after days of heavy rainfall that also Police said two men, aged 77 and 82, died after affected large parts of western and central Germany, as well as neighboring countries, causing widespread damage.

 In the western cities of Kamen and Wuppertal, their basement were flooded  where authorities warned that a dam  to burst.

In eastern Eupen, on the German border, one man was reported dead after he was swept away by a torrent, a local governor told RTBf network.

On Wednesday  A fireman drowne during rescue operation  in the western German town of Altena and another collapsed during rescue operations at a power plant in Werdohl-Elverlingsen. One man was missing in the eastern town of Joehstadt after disappearing while trying to secure his property from rising waters, authority.

The main city in eastern Belgium in liege, the Meuse river could break its banks by early afternoon and spill into the heart of the city.

France this week, downing trees and forcing the closure of dozens of roads. To  Luxembourge  a train route was disrupted, and firefighters evacuated dozens of people from homes near the Luxembourg and German border and in the Marne region, according to local broadcaster France Bleu. The equivalent of two months of rain has fallen on some areas in the last one or two days. With the ground already saturated, the service forecast more downpours.


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