Netflix takes to social media to prod a new venture with David Fincher. Fincher has effectively collaborated with Netflix to create and coordinate exceptionally acclaimed projects, including House of Cards and the breakout series, Mindhunter. While the productive chief hangs tight for the extensive “limbo” between the second and third period of Mindhunter, he started work on another Netflix project, named Mank, which would proceed to win two of the ten Academy Awards it was named for back in April of this current year. Since Fincher marked a four-year manage Netflix, it was inevitable before one more undertaking occurred.

Presented on their NetflixFilm Twitter account, the real time feature prods a baffling new task from Fincher. In a tweet that is acquired over 17K preferences and 1K retweets, Netflix posts, “Something exceptional is coming tomorrow from David Fincher,” finishing the enigmatic message with a couple of wide-looking emoticon eyes. View Netflix’s tweet about the baffling Fincher project beneath:

One of the main speculations with respect to what the new Fincher venture could be is Mindhunter season 3. While devotees of the series would cherish that declaration, it appears to be far-fetched considering the post is from the real time feature’s film account. Since that record covers news about Netflix unique motion pictures, it appears to be almost certain they are alluding to another movie from the Seven chief. Many feel the leader to Netflix’s enormous declaration is Fincher’s The Killer project, which as of now has Seven essayist, Andrew Kevin Walker, connected to pen the screenplay. The story is supposed to be adjusted from Alexis Nolent and Luc Jacamon’s realistic novel that habitats on a professional killer with no name. Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton are supposedly set to star in the film.

While Netflix’s declaration about Fincher’s new venture is without a doubt about another film, aficionados of Mindhunter ought not surrender trust about a third season. Both Fincher and Netflix were allegedly in discusses Mindhunter season 3 recently. One thing is without a doubt, however, whatever Netflix and Fincher report makes certain to be a hit, considering the chief’s heavenly history.


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