A focus on stop and search at the expense of neighbourhood policing has been blamed for the increase of knife crime in London, a brand new report claims.

The Policy Exchange report aforesaid the Met Police had Associate in Nursing “unusual and unreasonable strategy” of exploitation stop and search within the face of a spike in knife crime.

It aforesaid it did this instead of target high-profile drug traffickers and having officers on the streets.

The report by Sophia Faulkner for the centre-right suppose tank said the quantity of fatal stabbings in London doubled between 2013 and 2019 despite higher survival rates for victims of knife attacks.

It additionally found London’s “knife crime crisis” wedged bound teams quite others – with black folks nearly 5 times a lot of seemingly to be admitted to hospital as a results of being injured than white or Asian folks, and other people beneath twenty five accounting for quite half hospital admissions for stabbings in London in 2019-20.

“The strategy the MPS (Met Police) has chosen to pursue is extremely irregular when put next to alternative huge cities, even once taking the distinctive challenges of policing London under consideration,” it said.

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It supplementary that when put next with forces in Merseyside, the West Midlands and West Yorkshire, the Met had the best rate of stop and search and also the lowest for apprehending drug traffickers. It additionally had the second lowest rate of officers concerned in neighbourhood policing.

“Although the policing of London presents distinctive challenges in terms of the complexness and scale of the task, the MPS looks to own an uncommon and unreasonable strategy, combining a comparatively high rate of stop and search with weak community policing and targeting of high-profile criminals,” it said.


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