Many Saints

The Many Saints of Newark director Alan Taylor breaks down the film’s “superhero shot.” Written by original series creator David Chase, The Sopranos prequel film released in theaters and on HBO Max this past end of the week on October 1. However Many Saints posted an underwhelming opening end of the week, the majority of critics are praising it as a commendable preamble to HBO’s beloved mafia series. Its dual streaming release, R-rating, and opening alongside Venom: Let There Be Carnage could all be blamed for cutting into the’s film industry gross.

Now, in a select by Variety, Many Saints of Newark director Alan Taylor (who recently coordinated 2013’s Thor: The Dark World) is breaking down the film’s brutal shootout scene. The grouping occurs about midway through the film, part of the central conflict between Dickie and his former numbers sprinter turned rival, Harold. Taylor says the brutality in a mafia film is different from a MCU movie as in it shouldn’t be “feel-acceptable viciousness,” however he was as yet able to sneak a “superhero shot” into the movie when Harold makes a red hot entrance into Club Silhouette. Read Taylor’s explanation below:

[It’s] the nearest thing to a superhero shot [in the movie] It lets Harold be a superhero, or a supervillain, for a second.

This scene is probable a major part of the reason why Alan Taylor called Many Saints of Newark the hardest occupation he’s consistently done. Harold is certainly the character nearest to a supervillain and since he’s left alive at the finish of the film, perhaps he could be prepared for a future job in The Sopranos universe if David Chase at any point decides to push ahead with more installments. For now, The Many Saints of Newark is playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.


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