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Jamie Lee Curtis has uncovered that Halloween Kills will “shock” and “agitate” audiences. The impending movie is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which was an immediate sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 unique. Halloween Kills sees Curtis return as Laurie Strode to fight with the masked epitome of insidiousness, Michael Myers, and will hit theaters not long from now.

Presently, with Halloween Kills close to the corner, Jamie Lee Curtis wants fans to realize that they should expect something intense. In a video posted to her Instagram page, the unbelievable actress behind Laurie Strode teased that the film will “shock” and “agitate” viewers suddenly. Curtis then added that those reasons are the reason Halloween Kills is an incredible sequel. Look at the video below:

That shocking account seems to have paid off so far. Early reviews of Halloween Kills have as of now started to surface online. Many hailed it as an extraordinary sequel – something Jamie Lee Curtis was plainly focusing on in her participation in this film. With great basic reception at its back, all eyes are on Halloween Kills to continue the franchise’s success and imprint its region as a strong center part paving the way to Halloween Ends, which will close out the current set of three.

With all of that said, it merits wondering what “shock” and “agitate” mean in the context of Halloween Kills – especially when its predecessor was so brutal and terrible in its depiction of Haddonfield. In this context, it could show that the movie is much more rough than the movie that went before it, or that it will head in account directions that fans don’t see coming, which might look good for Laurie. Halloween Kills will make a big appearance in theaters and on Peacock on October 15.


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