Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig jokes about being the grumpy James Bond. At long last, the oft-postponed Bond film, No Time to Die, arrives in theaters in the US in barely multi week. The following installment will see Cary Joji Fukunaga take over as chief from Sam Mendes, who has coordinated the past two, yet more outstandingly, No Time to Die marks Daniel Craig’s last excursion as Bond in the wake of depicting him for the past four films.

Presently, in a profile by The New York Times, Daniel Craig is thinking back on his time as James Bond and saying goodbye to the job with No Time to Die. Despite souring on the franchise after Specter, Craig chose to get back to finish the story that 2006’s Casino Royale began. “There’s a consistency which I needed to place into it,” Craig said. He also has an amusing thought of what his heritage will be, saying he will be “remembered as the Grumpy Bond.” Read his full statement below:

Maybe I’ll be remembered as the Grumpy Bond. I don’t know. That is just my Bond and I need to look ready, that has been my Bond. In any case, I’m very satisfied with that.

However Craig’s “Grumpy Bond” remark might have been a piece tongue-in-cheek, there is absolutely some reality to it. Truth be told, the most common criticism of Daniel Craig’s James Bond has been that his interpretation of the person has been excessively self-serious, abrasive, and now and again, even joyless, a long ways from some of the franchise’s past romps. Skyfall was perhaps the encapsulation of the slower-paced, character-driven dramatization that the Craig period of Bond has become known for.

With No Time to Die presently playing in the UK, a lot of reviews have begun coming in and the consensus seems to be that it is a suitable sendoff for Craig’s “Grumpy Bond.” The franchise’s longtime maker Barbara Broccoli has said they won’t begin the recasting discussion until the following year. This will give everyone an opportunity to say a legitimate goodbye to Craig’s beloved iteration of James Bond when No Time to Die releases on October 8.


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