Bo Burnham’s latest parody special Inside will have a one-day-just theatrical release. Inside released on Netflix on May 30 and Bo Burnham: Inside (The Songs) came to Spotify shortly after on June 9. The musical entertainer got his start on YouTube in the last part of the 2000s and immediately turned into a sensation. He released his first comedic collection named Bo fo Sho in 2010.

Burnham’s Inside will come to movie theaters cross country on July 22 for a one-day run. Inside’s theatrical release is the result of a coordinated effort among Netflix and Iconic Events. Burnham fans and moviegoers the same can check what theaters are playing the movie by going to the official Bo Burnham: Inside website.

Inside is his fifth satire special and apparently most successful as it is the first to get a theatrical run. Despite the fact that it’s anything but a one-day showing, it’s a testament to the respect individuals have for him and love for his special. Despite the fact that Netflix subscribers can stream it free of charge, there is sufficient demand that fans will pay the additional money to have that theatrical experience. Inside deals with a theme that many artists have been too scared to even think about contacting, isolate, and it seems like Burnham’s courage to go where barely any comedians have gone so far is paying off.


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