Days after the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro addressed the United Nations General Assembly  several members who accompanied him to the annual gathering have tested positive for Covid-19.The Brazilian President, who has repeatedly said no to getting vaccinated, attended and addressed the UNGA as the first speaker when the meeting kicked off last week.

Biolsonaro defended his government’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, he himself flouted the requirement for all attendees to be vaccinated against Covid-19. 

Infected with the virus last year, he has said several times over the last weeks that he remains unvaccinated and that getting a shot is a personal, medical decision.

several  members of his delegation who accompanied him to the UN and sat in high-level meetings have tested positive for Covid-19. Health minister Marcelo Queiroga tested positive for the virus 24 hours after meeting a maskless Boris Johnson in New York. The minister was seen at close quarters with Johnson.

 Brazil decided to abort its participation in the UN general assembly.The Guardian reported that Queiroga, who was reportedly staying at the same hotel as the US president, Joe Biden, was at the UN headquarters for the opening session of its general assembly.

He reportedly took part in meetings with the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, and Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda.

Apart from the health Minister,  Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo and Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina have also tested positive for coronavirus. Cristina is the second member of Bolsonaro’s cabinet to be diagnosed with Covid-19, while the third case from his inner circle.

Bolsonaro’s son in a tweet indirectly blamed vaccines and said, “We know that vaccines were made faster than standard. I took the 1st dose of Pfizer and contracted Covid.

 The Brazilian president has been isolating in Brasilia since Wednesday and said that he knew two vaccinated people in Brasilia who had contracted the virus recently, without naming them.

Apart from the two ministers, Solicitor General Bruno Bianco and Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro also confirmed their diagnoses via social media or press representatives.

According to Reuters, Bolsonaro during his weekly live stream said, “Today it came to my knowledge that two well-known people here in Brasilia have contracted the virus. I have spoken to both of them on the phone.”


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