It appears as however Sony may be trying to get the well known Sinister Six group on the big screen once again. Spider-Man has had an extremely prolific altercation cinema, with the beloved set of three coordinated by Sam Raimi that released in the mid 2000s, circled back to The Amazing Spider-Man reboots in 2012 and 2014. Right now, Marvel Studios has a collaboration with Sony to bring Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having the web-slinger exist in similar universe as the Avengers.

Presently, Deadline’s Hero Nation Podcast (by means of TheDirect) has provided details regarding what Sony has made arrangements for The Sinister Six. It appears as however they are determined to develop the group once again, with the intent being a hybrid with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Check out the statement below from Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro:

“Because Sony’s constantly kept, outside of the current Spider-Man stuff they’re doing with the Disney MCU, Sony’s constantly kept their Marvel stuff isolated, and with this Venom, they’re really going to connect to the Spider-Man universe [that’s being set-up with the] Disney MCU. So that is extremely interesting. I know one of their long-term objectives is to make Sinister Six . That is kinda the venture we are in general waiting for; their version of the miscreants from the Spider-Man [universe].”

Despite how the group is included, Sony and Marvel have enough villains established through this upcoming multiverse to make the Sinister Six. It is likewise hazy if the film will be a piece of the MCU or will simply connect through Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Ideally, the potential Sinister Six film experiences the fans’ promotion and conveys what Sony attempted to do years prior.


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