The Exorcist Reboot

The Exorcist reboot trilogy’s first film has an October 2023 delivery date. The 1973 unique film that passes by a similar name went on to win two Oscars, making it one of the lone thrillers to accomplish such prestigious honors. The story depends on William Peter Blatty’s 1971 book. William Friedkin (The French Connection) directed from a screenplay written by Blatty himself. The plot tells the story of a young lady (Linda Blair) after she’s moved by an incredible entity. Her mother (Ellen Burstyn) enlists the assistance of two priests to save her.

In an official public statement by Universal Pictures, it has been announced that the first installment of the new Exorcist trilogy will get a wide theatrical delivery on October 13, 2023. There are no delivery dates announced yet for the accompanying two spin-offs in the trilogy. The film is set to be delivered in theaters, although no distribution platform plan has been announced for its spin-offs.

While more details about the new Exorcist trilogy are gradually being delivered, there’s still a lot that crowds don’t yet know. Despite the fact that Burstyn is returning to her job, Blair has stated that she hasn’t been remembered for any conversations around these movies at this point. Maybe the new film will follow Green’s Halloween trilogy, which announced information on its two continuations simultaneously after the first installment was delivered. Given that Universal Pictures and Peacock dished out $400 million to make this trilogy, it’s evident that they have faith in the trilogy performing great.

With a delivery date of October 13, 2023 set, crowds should show restraint to perceive what the establishment has in store for the series with this reboot. It’s still a bit too ahead of schedule to dissect the direction that the new trilogy is heading in, given the couple of details that have been given thus far. Nonetheless, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are planning to tackle the Halloween market with its October discharge. In the event that it sticks to this same pattern with Halloween, it’s conceivable that the accompanying continuations will likewise get October delivery dates. Stay tuned for more information on The Exorcist and its impending trilogy.


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