He's All That

The first official trailer for teen romantic comedy He’s All That has shown up, uncovering that two stars from the first film are returning. She’s All That was first delivered in 1999 and discovered instant achievement, proceeding to net more than $100 million on a $10 million budget. As one of the last 1990s time teen romantic comedies to have an effect, it has come as somewhat of an unexpected that the film hasn’t been reconsidered sooner for another generation of watchers.

The first official trailer for He’s All That has now shown up courtesy of the official Netflix YouTube channel, with the film set to be delivered on August 27. There’s not much in this updated form for fans who were wanting to see some connection to the 1999 film, but at least two stars of the first are back for He’s All That. Rachel Leigh Cook has all the earmarks of being playing Padgett Sawyer’s (played by Addison Rae) mother and Matthew Lillard, who played absurd wannabe star Brock Hudson, is momentarily seen moving in the trailer. Look at it underneath:

Those who felt that the reason behind She’s All That was sexist and coldblooded won’t see He’s All That offer reparations. The film still appears to hold tight to the vain and self-consumed qualities that saw its characters treat somebody like an object the first time around. While the completion will undoubtedly demonstrate that adoration triumphs eventually, it would have been ideal to see this updated adaptation of the first do a little more to really put another twist on the material.


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