Silent Bob

The latest image from Clerks 3 provides fans with a new look at franchise staples, Jay and Silent Bob. First introduced in Smith’s seminal 1994 non mainstream hit, Clerks, the team – portrayed by Smith and real-life best friend Jason Mewes – have gone on to achieve a status beyond any of Smith’s other characters or movies. The third Clerks film thinks that they are back where they’re generally comfortable, standing external the legendary Quick Stop.

Throughout the shooting of Clerks 3, Smith was sure to stay up with the latest via social media with exactly how well the return to his hometown was going. And while everything appeared to have gone about as perfect as anyone would trust that a Clerks continuation would go, Smith’s updates marginally kept down on any strong information or images of Jay and Silent Bob. Presently, as the beloved 51-year-old gets set to deliver the first rough slice of the new film to his Lionsgate partners, he’s first taken an opportunity to provide fans with a brief look at Jay and Silent Bob. Smith dropped the photo via his Instagram account, stating that Clerks 3 is far superior to he’d trusted it would be. Look at the new photo below:

The photo probably won’t provide gigantic understanding into either the forthcoming film or the lives of Jay and Silent Bob, however prove can’t help thinking that aside from changing RST into what is reasonable a marijuana dispensary, the pair are as yet keeping things outdated with VHS rentals. Silent Bob appears to be holding a VCR in the photo, and of course, the RST sign states VHS and Nintendo sales and rentals. It’s a somewhat minor takeaway, yet it’s great to see that the pair are as yet unchanged folks that fans have come to know and adore after all these years. It’s also great to realize that Smith’s fondness for the film has only grown since shooting it.

As far as filmmakers go, Smith is extremely fortunate that his fanbase is as committed as they’ve always been. Regardless of whether Clerks 3 is anything but a commercial hit, all things considered, the film will be celebrated among fans and talked about for years to come. This readiness to please his fans first and foremost has long since provided Smith with an after that stays true to him through various difficulties.


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