Pizza Planet Truck

One Pixar fan created a real-life, drivable version of the famous Pizza Planet get truck from Toy Story. The Pizza Planet truck is one of the longest-running Easter eggs of all time. Since appearing in Toy Story during the 1990s, the truck has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar film since. Known for its signature beat-up yellow paint and rocket transport ornament, the truck has its own filmography and it’s been delivering pizzas for nearly three decades.

TikTok user @jurassic_vic chose to take their adoration for the Toy Story prop and bring it to the real world. In their video, the user shows how they hand-crafted their own Pizza Planet rocket to paint and screw into the top of the yellow truck, which is identical to the original. They even make the rocket and the entire truck look as worn as the original. It’s also covered in Pizza Planet ads and bumper stickers straight from the Pixar universe.

Pizza Planet Truck

Another one of @jurassic_vic’s TikTok videos, shows how they even made the rocket transport light up on the top of the truck. And in a quick second, the Forky hood ornament and signature manual transmission inside the car can be seen. In a final TikTok video from @jurassic_vic, the truck takes off, taking the creation to a fan exhibition in Dallas. To add to the authenticity, they bring Pizza Planet boxes, Toy Story figures, and life-sized cutouts of Woody and Buzz for fans to take photos with.

The Pizza Planet truck is clearly famous enough to warrant its own fan remake. In fact, it’s become a game for Pixar fans to try to detect the truck’s signature cameo first when a new film is released. Toy Story’s iconic Pizza Planet truck will surely live on forever both on the big screen and presently on the streets.


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