Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills hit theaters one month from now and star Jamie Lee Curtis is proceeding to publicity the film’s release by sharing another image that sees the Strode women shrouded in blood. Since John Carpenter’s 1987 original movie Halloween, Curtis has played the leading courageous woman Laurie Strode who is pursued by Michael Myers, a deranged serial executioner that cannot be halted. Curtis as of late advertised the film’s impending release with a behind-the-scenes set photograph that featured Strode cross-armed and cast in black and white lighting.

Shared to her Instagram account, Curtis posted an image from Halloween Kills featuring the Strode women canvassed in blood after the Myers fire. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson, looking rumpled and worn out, set the temperament for the impending movie. Curtis caption the photograph, “HALLOWEEN CONTENT COLD. SCARED. STRODE STRONG,” and also tagged Greer and Matichak. View Curits’ photograph of the grisly Strode women below:

The occasions of Halloween Kills will take place just after 2018’s Halloween finishing, what gets after the Strode women escape the house fire and bum a ride to the nearest hospital. The photograph is by all accounts from their excursion to the hospital, with the threesome riding toward the back of a pickup truck and glancing back at the fire, canvassed in blood and injuries. While the women do appear worn out after the battle, late Halloween Kills trailers authorize the idea that the Strode women are not defeated and ready to take on whatever abhorrences await them, which is also proven by Curtis’ utilization of the caption “STRODE STRONG.”

While the image doesn’t reveal any new information about the plot, it sets the state of mind for the impending movie. For nearly four decades, Strode has warded off her executioner and stalker, Myers, and the past movie made obviously she’s had enough and is ready to retaliate. Considering that there is another movie in progress, Halloween Ends, it doesn’t seem like the Strode family will actually want to kill Myers this time around. In any case, the Strode women turn ready to put upward a helluva battle in Halloween Kills and it seems like they probably won’t make it out alive.


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