Authorities  in a city in eastern China have  order to  contain a coronavirus outbreaks  residents not to leave the city and suspended bus and train services along with other public facilities , according to local reports.

Cinemas, card rooms, gyms, tourist sites and other facilities in Putian were ordered to be closed, the city government announced. Restaurants and supermarkets were told to “strictly control” customer numbers and to check for fever. Schools were ordered to require students to wear masks in class.

 According to the Xinhua News Agency, local officials in Putian in eastern China’s Fujian province have said residents must not leave the city without good reason such as seeking medical treatment. They must have proof of a negative coronavirus test within the past 48 hours, the city government announced.

The commission said in a statement on Sunday that China recorded 20 new local cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, all from Fujian and including 19 in Putian. China’s National Health Commission sent a special team to Putian after Covid-19 cases were reported, according to broadcaster CGTN.

The new outbreak in Putian comes less than a month after China quelled its most widespread resurgence of the coronavirus since the initial Wuhan outbreak. The officials in the province have also found 18 asymptomatic cases, 17 of which were in Putian, according to the statement.

According  Global Times newspaper reported that the first Covid-19 cases in Putian were students from Xianyou County, but experts suspect the outbreak might have originated with the father of one student who returned from Singapore on August 4.

China has reported 4,636 deaths out of 95,199 confirmed cases of Covid-19. China declared that the pandemic was under control in early 2020 but has seen outbreaks of its more contagious Delta variant. Authorities say most are traced to travellers arriving from Russia, Myanmar and other countries.


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