The US study told that antibodies that are produced by the Pfizer vaccine has decreased more than 80 per cent in senior nursing home residents and also their caregivers after six months from receiving their second dose of Pfizer.

The researchers particularly have looked at humoral immunity, so that to measure the body’s defeating potential against the SARS-CoV-2 virus aka COVID-19.

MedRxiv has found that the individuals’ antibody levels have decreased more than 80 per cent after six months of getting their dose done.

   According to the researchers, the results has been the same in seniors, who are approximately at the age of 76, and caregivers, with the age of 48, and old alike. Whereas earlier the team has come across that after the completion of the second dose, the seniors would be relieved with the contact Covid-19 but they already showed a reduced response in the antibodies which was substantially lower than the younger caregivers experience.

The results support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) has a recommendation for all people to get the booster shots done, majorly for all the elderly groups due to the fading immunity where studies have even told it would be effective as the spread of delta variant has been seen.


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