A video has as of late surfaced showing a cozy second divided among Timothée Chalamet and chief Denis Villeneuve during an overwhelming applause for Dune. First set for discharge last year, the film has been met with different postponements because of the Covid pandemic. Be that as it may, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has authoritatively beaten its grieved discharge plan and has at last been introduced to general society at the Venice Film Festival 2021.

It is custom for celebrations to have broadened overwhelming applauses for films that have figured out how to dazzle the crowd and pundits, which is by and large what happened following the main screening of Dune. During the overwhelming applause, the solid connection between the movie’s star and chief was gotten on record, as the pair embrace during a snapshot of celebratory victory. Look at the video shot by Ramin Setoodeh beneath:

As indicated by reports, the overwhelming applause for Dune kept going six minutes, which has been the longest overwhelming applause a film has gotten so far this year at the Venice Film Festival. For examination, Pablo Larraín’s Spencer got a five-minute overwhelming applause this year, as did Pedro Almodóvar’s Parallel Mothers, while in 2019, Todd Phillips’ Joker set the standard with a brief overwhelming applause. Starting surveys anyway propose that not every person accepts the film to be awesome, with many recommending that in spite of the fact that it was amazing and brimming with exhibition, it was not without its mistake.

One factor that could play into the blended audits is that the film is just adjusting the main portion of Frank Herbert’s novel, bringing about a deficient story at current. While a subsequent half has been spoken about already, it has as far as anyone knows not been greenlit at this stage. Warner Brothers are logical holding on to perceive what the responses are from watchers when Dune at last gets an overall delivery, just as regardless of whether it figures out how to make a benefit in the cinematic world. It appears to be that whatever happens with respect to a spin-off, the cast and team unequivocally support a continuation of the establishment, and as obvious from the video, share an authoritative bond from the encounters of making the primary passage of Dune.


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