Kevin Feige, the leader of Marvel Studios, as of late proposed that there is an opportunities for a crossover among Marvel and DC. This could come as an astonishment for enthusiasts of one or the other or the two establishments. Marvel has apparently been consistently pushing out quality motion pictures since the time the first Iron Man delivered in 2008, while DC and Warner Bros. have moved toward their common universe in an unexpected way. The two organizations have had late victories, with Marvel Studios having delivered Black Widow in July and DC/WB having delivered The Suicide Squad only half a month prior on August 6.

Presently, Kevin Feige has talked about the chance of a DC and Marvel crossover. Talking in a meeting with, Feige was gotten some information about this fan-most loved subject, and in average Marvel Studios style, said a great deal while saying nothing by any stretch of the imagination. Look at his statement underneath:

“Indeed, look, my standard response to things are ‘never say never.’ I never suspected we’d get this far. James has not brought that up, James is somewhere down in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, that will start shooting before the finish of this current year. Having completed the staggering The Suicide Squad and selling that film, he’s well in progress of prep on Guardians 3.”

While Feige didn’t uncover much in his statement, essentially he didn’t preclude anything. It’s likewise uplifting that Feige is unmistakably mindful that fans, and even James Gunn, couldn’t want anything more than to witness it. It has not been a very remarkable opportunities throughout recent years, so fans ought not get their expectations up something over the top. Both Marvel Studios and DC/WB have exciting activities in the future to anticipate meanwhile.


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