Approx Two  million French workers in restaurants and other service jobs must now show a health pass to go to work, as part of the government’s virus fighting efforts.

The public is already required to show the pass to go to French restaurants, tourist sites and many other public venues.

Starting Monday, all staff members must also show the pass, which requires proof of vaccination, a fresh negative virus test or recovery from the coronavirus disease . Those who don’t risk suspension or other punishment, and businesses that don’t comply, face potential fines.

Nearly 72 % of French people have had at least one virus dose and more than 64 % are fully vaccinated. A small but vocal minority of people who oppose vaccinations or the health pass system have held weekly protests around the country since July.

A health board that monitors vaccine safety said Monday a woman died from myocarditis after taking the Pfizer vaccine . the board said the woman develop the condition because of the vaccine , although she had other medical issues which may have contributed.

Director general of health Ashley bloomfied said myocarditis was a very rare side effect and there was clear evidence that takinsg the vaccine was Much safer than being in fected with covid 19 .

France recorded the second-highest number of infections in Europe over the past month, but its summer spike in cases has started to subside since the government imposed stricter vaccination and other virus rules. The country has reported more than 114,000 virus-related deaths.


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