Jason Momoa

Timothée Chalamet kneed Jason Momoa in the crotch during the shooting of one scene from Dune. Chalamet will play Paul, beneficiary to the House Atreides and the focal figure of the story, while Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, the right-hand man to Paul’s father, Duke Leto, and a Swordmaster of the Ginaz. Dune will follow Paul and the remainder of House Atreides as they take stewardship over the planet Arakkis, also known as Dune, an unfriendly, yet pined for planet that is the solitary home to a significant asset in the universe, the Spice Melange. Zest takes into account longterm space travel and heightened mental capacities, making it a particularly important tool for the individuals who lord over the planet and the universe. 

With Duncan and Paul’s relationship being so essential to the story, the science among Momoa and Chalamet is vital to the film. Fortunately, Momoa says the two fortified like brothers on the arrangement of the film, tossing around jokes and punches at one another. At a certain point, one of those jokes drove Chalamet to knee Momoa in the crotch while they were shooting a scene, a shot that Momoa says really makes it into the film. Peruse Momoa’s story (from Total Film) in full beneath: 

[Chalamet’s] like a younger sibling. He’s so clever. He’s another thing to watch. He’s a particularly wonderful actor and accommodating. He thinks often about his art much more than I do. It’s only noteworthy to associate with individuals like that. 

That joke [about muscles in the trailer] came from me. There are these outtakes where I went up to Timmy, and I go, “Take a gander at you, dick and ribs.” Denis comes up and says, “What is this discussion about the ribs and his dick? I don’t understand.” I’m similar to, “All things considered, it’s entertaining, in light of the fact that Timmy’s so thin.” He resembles, “Alright. Perhaps you can do it in another manner?” But Timothée [got me back]. At the point when I embrace him he kneed me in the balls so hard! You can see it on the off chance that you watch in slo-mo. 

Just before their entertaining exchange, Paul trusts in Duncan about his fantasies concerning Arakkis, obviously showing that their relationship goes past the surface level. Essentially, in another trailer, Duncan can be seen rejoining with Paul in the desert and calling him “My master duke.” Duncan’s commitment to Hosue Atreides is clear and, if Villeneuve will make Dune: Part 2 and future sequels, that relationship will be fleshed out considerably further. Up to that point, audiences should delay until Dune hits theaters in October to see the start of the pair’s fellowship and possibly they’ll even catch a brief look at when Chalamet knees Momoa in the crotch. 


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