The study has been  researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in the United States and published in the journal Immunity.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is believed to be highly transmissible and resistant to vaccines.

 A new study has claimed that the strain, which led the delta variant  of the coronavirus disease  is unable to evade the antibodies generated by vaccination.Delta was declared as the variant of concern by the World Health Organization .

The researchers analyzer  antibodies generated by people in response to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine and found that Delta was unable to evade all but one of the antibodies they tested. Other variants , such as Beta, avoided recognition and neutralisation by several of the antibodies, researcher also  said.

The health experts extracted antibody-producing cells from 3 people who had received the Pfizer vaccine.They grew the cells in the laboratory and  a set of 13 antibodies were obtained  from them  that target the original strain which began circulating last year.

The researchers tested the antibodies against four variants of concern: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.Twelve of the 13 recognised Alpha and Delta, eight recognised all four variants, and one failed to recognise any of the four variants. Out of these, five antibodies neutralised the original strain.

Ellebedy said ,”In face of vaccination, Delta is relatively a wimpy virus. If we had a variant that was more resistant like Beta but spread as easily as Delta, we would be in more trouble”.

 Researchers  have shown that both natural infection and vaccination elicit lasting antibody production. But , the group of scientists from Washington University noted that the length of the antibody response is only one aspect of protection, and breadth matters too.

An ideal antibody response includes a diverse set of antibodies with the flexibility to recognise many slightly different variants of the virus, said the researchers.

 The   ability to recognise a new variant, other antibodies in the arsenal should remain capable of neutralising all 4 variant of concern as well as three additional variants tested separately was called 2C08, the researcher said .


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