The woman watched ‘Uncharted’ on the in-flight entertainment system to pass her time. Internet is full of posts about in-flight etiquettes. Certain things appear normal and fun to some passengers but can be deeply troubling for others. In one such bizarre incident, a passenger in a flight insisted a woman to turn off a movie as she had not watch it and did not want spoilers to ruin her excitement when she watches it. 

In a long post shared by the 22-year-old on Reddit, she talks about how irritating her first flight experience became due to the incident. The woman said she was sitting on an aisle seat and decided to watch the movie ‘Uncharted’ on the in-flight entertainment system to pass her time during the two-hour flight. The movie features Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

As the flight took off, 10 minutes later, a woman, sitting behind her in the aisle seat, asked the 22-year-old to switch off the movie. “Confused, I asked her why. She said it was because she has not seen the movie and didn’t want to see my screen and see any spoilers.

Sharing more on this, the passenger wrote, “I did my best to ignore her and finally we landed. Once we landed, she immediately jumped from her seat and grabbed her bags and blocked the aisle for all those behind her.”

I told her that she could watch it on her screen and she said no because she wanted to watch a different movie. I responded that I was going to keep watching my movie,” the woman said in a Reddit post. Many internet users were shocked to hear about the incident. One user said, “That is such a weird request. How could any adult justify it? Don’t watch a movie on a tiny screen with earphones across the aisle from me on an airplane because I can’t control myself from seeing spoilers.

A few minutes later, as the 22-year-old got up to grab her bag from the overhead bin, the woman started yelling at her for “cutting her off.” She added, “By this time I was tired and ready to get off the plane and said “ma’am if you were in such a rush to get off, then you should have a picked a seat closer to the front or gotten and upgraded seat”.”

The only way I could see this being an acceptable request is if the movie was very violent/gory. And there was a child involved. Adults can control where their eyes go.” “Yeah you literally have to make an effort to see other people’s screens especially when you have your own screen in front of you,” added a second user.

The post has been captioned as, “AITA for not switching my movie on a flight and not letting someone behind me on a plane go ahead of me when exiting?” So far, it has received 96 percent upvotes. 


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