On Saturday, the most populous state records 466 new covid cases. Therefore this has led to the implementation of more strict rules in the country. The previous record of New South Wales, home to Sydney, was 390 reported on Friday.

Approximately Four people have died overnight, the death number in New South Wales of the delta variant has been first detected in Sydney in June to 42.

Gladys Berejiklian, New South Wales Premier said that the public had to pay a fine who will break the rule, and now it has been raised from 1,000 Australian dollars to 5,000 Australian dollars.

Therefore government announced that all of New South Wales will have lockdown from 5 P.M till Aug. 22 and Sydney residents would be restricted within 5 kilometers from their home.

John Barilaro, Deputy Premie has tweeted “stay-at-home orders to minimize and to protect regional communities from the evolving Covid-19 situation in Sydney.

With approximately 36,000 COVID-19 cases and 937 deaths, Australia has avoided caseloads of other developed countries. The vaccination tolls are the lowest that is only 20% of people aged over 16 fully vaccinated.


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