According to figures from the regulator Ofgem, twenty one households had their offer disconnected last year. Suppliers tend to maneuver customers to defrayal meters instead.

‘What we should not be doing is putting star panels on productive agricultural land’ – Liz Truss

Ms Truss doubled down on her comments throughout the leadership campaign that farmers’ fields should not be “full of star panels”.

It’s not clear however massive a problem this extremely is, though many Conservative MPs have raised it.

Solar farms within the United Kingdom presently account for 0.08% of total land use.

It has been asked the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) how much of this can be agricultural land.

Under the government’s internet zero plans, star farms may rise to an calculable 0.6% of all land use. alternative energy UK says this may be but the quantity of land presently used for golf courses.


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