AFP news agency said on Thursday morning ,citing a senior lawmaker and the insurgents  that The Taliban in Afghanistan have  taken control of the  city of Ghazni,  just 150 kilometres away from the country’s capital and seat of power Kabul.

Nasir Ahmad Faqiri, head of the provincial council of Ghazni, as saying ,”The Taliban took control of the key areas of the city  the governor’s office, the police headquarters, and the prison,”.

This makes Ghazni the 10th provincial capital to fall to the Taliban this week, amid a rapidly  political situation which reportedly has the United States worried that Kabul may fall to the insurgents in 90 days.

Ghazni is situated along the major Kabul-Kandahar highway, essentially serving as an important gateway in Afghanistan between the capital city of Kabul and other Taliban strongholds in the south.

 He said,  clashes are being reported from parts of the city, the provincial capital lies largely under the control of the insurgents hands .

 A statement posted by the insurgency’s spokesperson on social media confirmed the fact that Ghazni has indeed fallen to the Taliban.

The loss of Ghazni will put more pressure on the Afghan  country airforce, which is already having a hard time dealing with the Taliban as the insurgents continue  provincial capitals around the country. In less than a week, as many as 10 such cities have fallen, with the Taliban strategically encircling the biggest city in the north, the traditional anti-Taliban bastion of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Considering their recent rapid gains, the militants could also seize control of the Afghan capital within 90 days, the official was quoted as saying by the news agency reuters . A  US defence official cited the country’s intelligence sources late on Wednesday and estimated that the Taliban could isolate Kabul in a month.


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