The Taliban has  removed Nishan Sahib, a Sikh religious flag, from a  historical gurdwara thala sahib which was once visited by the founder of the Sikh  Sri  Guru Nanak Dev which was  in the Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan.

Nishan Sahib was taken off from the roof of Gurdwara Thala Sahib in the Chamkani area of the Paktia province, according to images being on social media.

Last year, afghan Taliban had abducted one  Nidan Singh Sachdeva, a leader of the Hindu and Sikh community in  by the Taliban from the gurdwara. Sachdeva was kidnapped in Paktia province on June 22, 2020, and released followed by efforts made by the Afghanistan government and community elders.

Before that, aprox  30 members of the Sikh community were killed in a terror attack claimed by the Islamic State on a place of worship in Kabul on March 25 there were about 650 sikhs in Afghanistan . However, Indian officials said the Haqqani Network and Lashkar-e-Taiba were involved in the killings.

Afghanistan has been witnessing Taliban driven violance a surge in violence in light amid the ongoing withdrawal of troops by the US. The Taliban has swept through much of rural Afghanistan since early May and is mounting offensives on cities from Herat to Kabul now. Several Afghan cities have been captured by the Taliban in recent weeks and fighting in several others have escalated.

India has expressed concern over the fragile situation in country and advocated that peace in Afghanistan in critical to enduring peace in the region .

HT has not been able to independently verify whether Nishan Sahib was removed from the historical gurdwara, which was once visited by the founder Sikh religion Guru Nanak.


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