A Chinese national was shot and bounded in Karachi on Wednesday, reported Reuters , The victim was shot at by two bike-borne masked men while he was enroute to Karachi’s industrial area.

Deputy inspector general Javed Akbar Riaz said.”Two men wearing face masks riding on a motorbike  fired at a car carrying 2 chinese nationals,who were working a nearby factory in city”. Riaz told AFP that the Chinese individual was not hit on any vital parts of his body and is  stable.

The latest attack on the Chinese individual comes just 2 weeks after 13 people, including 9 Chinese citizens working on a dam project, were killed when their bus carrying a team of engineers ,surveyors and mechanical staff to a near by dam site was targeted in a bombing   in Kohistan, northwest Pakistan, on July 14.

The Chinese nationals who were killed were working at the Dasu hydroelectric project, which is being built by China in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province as a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  project. It was not clear if the victim of the latest attack was also involved with any CPEC project.

 Zhao  said ,“china is following matter closely and relevant case is still    under investigation “

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao  called the incident  an “isolated case” and we are fully confident  in Pakistan’s side  ability to protect Chinese citizens. “We have full confidence in the Pakistan side’s protection of Chinese citizens and property in Pakistan,” he told the media persons  in Beijing.

Zhao’s statement marks a change of Beijing’s has been explicit about the blast , the 14 july blast a “terrorist attack” and asked Pakistan to take to task the perpetrators of the crime.

According to AFP ,Chinese media suggesting  carried reports  the blast was carried out by Uyghur militants or the Pakistani Taliban,.


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