Himayat Ali Mirza is a socialist and an entrepreneur with a keen engrossment in high-end extravagant real estate and owns other ventures. He has recently launched HM Foundation, a charitable association that authentically helps people who need help and backing. Himayat seeing the condition of people during the pandemic, decided to help them with his generosity, which resulted in the establishment of the HM Foundation.

Himayat Ali Mirza established HM FOUNDATION (HMF) in February 2022. Through this foundation, people will be reached & aided. The foundation will help them by paying their medical bills, providing necessities, and not sending money directly to them. Mirza always wanted to help people with his money out of consciousness and generosity. 

HM Foundation will assure the individuals’ authenticity to avoid fraud and help those in need. The Foundation emerged after the Covid-19 pandemic for the betterment and welfare of society.

Himayat has always been an active enthusiast in assisting people personally or through other organisations for the betterment of society.  He has pledged not to accept any help or donations for his organisation HM Foundation (HMF). Mirza is a socialist who always thinks about the betterment of the society and is taking up several important issues with the state government and central government.

Recently, Himayat has taken a stand for noble causes like pollution, water issues, saving water bodies, climate change and is in communication with the government for establishment of more hospitals for the poor.


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