Channel 10 has axed The Bachelorette after last year’s season failed to attract a loyal weekly audience. Beverley McGarvey, the Executive Vice President of Paramount Australia, confirmed the series would not be returning to screens in 2022.

‘We probably won’t have an iteration of Bachelorette that is on air this year,’ she told TV Tonight. ‘But actually we haven’t always had an iteration of Bachelorette on air every year. If you think way back to the beginning, we had two or three years that we didn’t, and then we introduced Bachelorette.’

However, Ms McGarvey confirmed the network hasn’t ruled out The Bachelorette returning in the future. Channel 10 had previously confirmed the series for 2022 but later announced The Real Love Boat would be airing instead.

Last year’s premiere of The Bachelor, starring pilot Jimmy Nicholson, garnered only 482,000 viewers compared to 2020’s premiere, which drew 681,000 viewers. Jimmy’s finale brought in 629,000 viewers, which was a significant drop from the previous year, which saw 879,000 viewers tune in to see Locky make his decision.

The Bachelorette fared even worse last year, with Brooke Blurton’s season bringing in the lowest audience since the show’s Australian launch in 2015. Not so popular? Channel 10 had previously confirmed the series for 2022 but later announced The Real Love Boat would be airing instead 

Last month, Channel 10 finally confirmed that this year’s season of The Bachelor will feature not one, but three suitors. Drummer Jed McIntosh is locked in to appear on the reality dating show alongside professional basketballer Felix Von Hofe and life coach Thomas Malucelli.

‘We are so excited. We’re doing a world first. No-one in the world has ever had three bachelors, and so therefore the way it works, the way everyone gets to know each other is very different this year,’ host Osher Günsberg said.

‘It is already been fascinating. We have been going for a while now and it is already just electrifying what we are seeing.’ ‘Not only do we go to head office to say can we have three bachelors, we want to do it without candles and without fairy lights, that is a meeting we had to get through!’ 


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