Daniel Hayes has slammed the government’s Covid-19 restrictions, after himself testing positive for the virus. The former Big Brother VIP star, 48 years old , shared his positive Rapid Antigen Test with fans in an Instagram post on Monday. He wrote :‘Tested positive for Covid just like the other hundreds of thousands if not millions of Australians at present  mild flu like symptoms  feeling okay though isolating of course.’

‘Like it’s gunna make a difference FFS  is it not clear by now  we either live like hermits or we open up live with it stop all this isolating wear masks in high risk settings like aged care and hospitals etc’. 

 ‘Irony is I believe I caught it in Queensland  I wish the government would cease with there restrictions now  live with it  start treating it as a flu as the PM said today many of the people in hospital have other illnesses  were vaccinated  let’s get on with it!’ 

 Daniel added, ‘Nearly everyone I know has it or is isolation! And for all those people that think the government has done a good job contact tracing now null and void  PCR testing null and void RAT cannot get ANYWHERE this is stuff the government’s in charge of, it’s what we pay our taxes for. 

In July, the real estate agent slammed Victoria’s 5 day lockdown and said the government’s approach to Covid is ‘seriously flawed’. In August, he mocked Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews for his ‘stupid’ Covid press conferences. Also in August, he slammed ‘cruel’ government lockdown laws after being forced into hotel quarantine despite testing negative nine times and being fully vaccinated. 

 Daniel has been outspoken in his views on Covid-19 and lockdowns, calling the government’s approach to Covid ‘seriously flawed,’ slamming ‘cruel’ government lockdown laws and mocking Dan Andrews for his ‘stupid’ Covid press conferences


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