She has worked some of Australia’s biggest stars. And celebrity eyelash queen Kathy Duong has now revealed her secrets to get the perfect lashes. Kathy has been responsible for the glamorous red carpet looks of Big Brother host Sonia Kruger and Bachelor star Emma Roche. 

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia this week, Kathy, who owns Fancy Lash salons in Sydney, says her first pro tip is to avoid getting the lashes wet. ‘Avoid getting your eyes wet for a few hours after – around four to six hours will be more than enough,’ she says, adding it’s especially essential to avoid the sauna, spa and pool for 24 hours. 

Kathy says extensions need a full day to bond to your existing lashes and encourages customers to not ‘rub or scratch their eyes’. She also warns against using ‘eyelash curlers’ and recommends seeing an experienced lash therapist instead.

‘Use only mascaras that are safe for eyelash extensions, no oil-based or waterproof mascaras and only apply to the tips of your lashes,’ she explains. ‘After you have a shower you should avoid rubbing lashes with a towel, it’s best to blot or dab them with a towel and let them air dry.’

‘With the right application techniques used, you won’t need them (a curler) anyway – but the heat can result in the natural glues coming undone,’ she explains. Kathy’s further tips include using ‘oil-free makeup remover’ and insists that ‘good hygiene’ is very important while removing makeup, recommending proper face washes.

For a more perfect lash, Kathy recommends putting your hairdryer on the lowest setting and blowing them dry from the bottom up. ‘It makes them curlier and fluffy. Be careful when applying facial and eye creams to avoid your lashes,’ she explains. 

She makes this happen by applying each individual lash to the lid.    ‘The cut of the extension material has a special form (a diamond cut),’ she says. ‘It ultimately improves lash retention by a massive 30 per cent.’

Kathy warns that too many oil products can ‘break down the adhesive’ for the eyelashes. She says extensions can last up to nine weeks, which saves her clients time and money. 


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