Married At First Sight bride Olivia Frazer has slammed ‘dirty, gross, disgusting gossip’ online following her shock split from her TV ‘husband’ Jackson Lonie. The couple confirmed their breakup in a joint statement on Monday.  

Olivia added that she and Jackson had been ‘transparent’ with their followers and ‘if there is anything else to say, we will say it’. Just moments before, she uploaded another video in which she gushed about the support she had received from her followers.  

The reality television star, 28, who met Jackson, 30, at the altar on the show 10 months ago, expressed her disgust on her Instagram Stories Tuesday night. ‘You guys I just want to quickly add because it’s gotten under my skin and I’m not going to lie it’s made me angry today. On a day when I should be sad not angry,’ she ranted.  

‘But any gossip or speculation or BS you read online is just that, gossip and speculation. ‘Unless it comes from Jackson and I directly, do not believe anything, even if it’s a dirty, gross, disgusting gossip site saying, “We’ve got a source that knows Olivia and Jackson directly.” Don’t believe it.’ 

‘Just want to thank everybody for the lovely messages,’ she said. ‘I’ve only been sent one mean message and so many gorgeous messages. I can’t thank you guys enough because I know that I’m being annihilated online right now, but what’s come to me directly has been 99.99% love,’ the OnlyFans model continued. 

Olivia added she and Jackson had been ‘transparent’ with their followers and ‘if there is anything else to say, we will say it’ ‘So you have no idea because I was really expecting to be crucified. I want you to know I’m okay. I feel the love. I’m totally fine,’ she assured worried fans. 

News of the breakup was confirmed on Monday in a joint statement from Olivia and Jackson on Instagram which read: ‘After a wonderful 10 months together we have decided to go our separate ways.’

The reality TV star went on to reveal exactly how she’s recovering from the heartache – by dining on truffle pasta, caprice salad and watching Gilmore Girls. 

‘There has always been a lot of love in our relationship and there will continue to be as we transition into a friendship. ‘We have nothing but love and respect for one another, and no one is to blame for the end of this relationship. Simply a case of ”almost perfect”.

‘We hope you all can please show compassion as we navigate this privately.’The split comes after Olivia returned to Australia from a five week-long trip to the UK without Jackson, who remained on the Central Coast to train for an upcoming boxing match.

Her overseas trip was prompted after Jackson was caught kissing a 20-year-old traffic controller on a night out in Melbourne on May 27.


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