Kyly Clarke showed off her ripped frame in a selfie she took at the gym on Sunday. The 40-year-old flaunted her bulging biceps and six-pack abs as she posed on a weights machine in a white crop top and red leggings.

Wearing a light application of makeup and her hair blow-dried in a straight style, the mother-of-one was glowing. She captioned the picture: ‘Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being.’

‘What a feeling to see your daughter do this, after you conquer your own little bit of Ninja! Kelsey Lee, I adore you Bella.  ‘Your determination is an inspiration. If you can achieve this at the age of six after two days of trying, you my little love will be one mentally strong woman! 

Kyly recently revealed her little girl, six-year-old daughter Kelsey Lee, appears to be following in her footsteps.  Last Friday, Kyly shared an Instagram post documenting her daughter effortlessly playing on monkey bars.   

‘I’m proud. Look at the shape of this obstacle, and how thick the bars are to hold! They watch our every move, we truly do create the mindset of our children through our doings. ‘P.S When I said just one more, she even held on and went for one last grab’ Kyly concluded.  

Kyly had success on Australian Ninja Warrior earlier this month.  The former WAG competed against Love Island star Tayla Damir, 25, to raise funds for charity, but despite her early exit she still won her round. 

Kyly triumphed in the challenge after beating the reality star onto the rings, and was technically in the lead when she lost her grip and fell into the water below. She was delighted to raise $10,000 for her charity, Barnardos, and hoped to help children ‘that are in an unsafe environment’. 

She recently revealed she is in the ‘best shape of her life’ She recently revealed she is in the ‘best shape of her life’, more than two years after her split with ex-husband Michael Clarke, 41, who she shares Kelsey Lee with. 

‘I’m never going to be 20 again, I don’t want to be, but I want to work with what I have,’ she said. ‘I’d be really proud of myself if people were to think that I was a role model of someone who’s 40 and can still achieve their fitness goals.’


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