Channel Nine has unveiled the five couples competing on The Block this year. But an odd detail has puzzled fans as one of the teams, Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull, was included in the line-up despite quitting the show in April.

Elle and Joel’s profile is also still live on The Block’s official website. Elle said she signed up for The Block because watching the reno show got her and Joel through NSW’s Covid lockdowns.

Elle, 36, a fashion influencer, and Joel, 37, a former AFL player, were pictured with the four other teams in the official start-of-season promo photo. Their inclusion raised eyebrows as the Bondi-based glamour couple only lasts two days in the competition before calling it quits and being replaced.

Their exit from the Nine renovation show will be a major storyline in the first few episodes of the new season, which is set to air in the coming weeks. ‘Meet the new Blockheads making a tree change on The Block, Sunday August 7 on Channel Nine and 9Now,’ the cast announcement read on Instagram. 

‘Lockdown was hard, and in all honesty The Block got us through it,’ she said. ‘It was on four nights a week and I think we really did say, “We could do it and it would be fun.”

The rest of the cast includes best mates Omar and Oz from NSW, engaged couple Dylan and Jenny from Queensland, married couple Ankur and Sharon from Victoria, and married couple Tom and Sarah-Jane from Victoria.

Elle and Joel downed tools in April just 48 hours into filming after Joel’s mother Trish fractured her neck during a fall at her home in Adelaide. The pair initially tried to stay on the show but left after they ‘couldn’t get a definitive answer’ from producers as to whether Joel could ‘come and go’ from the building site in country Victoria to visit his ailing mother in South Australia.

‘Forty-five thousand people applied to be on The Block and win life-changing money. These guys got on and they just couldn’t handle the pace after 48 hours.‘Which to me is a bit unAustralian! Have a go! It’s p**s poor.’ The Block: Tree Change will premiere on Sunday August 7 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

Despite facing a legitimate family emergency, The Block host Scott Cam slammed their decision to quit the show, calling it ‘unAustralian’ and ‘p**s poor’. He told TV Tonight: ‘We had a 48-hour challenge to choose the house that you get and they scarpered after 48 hours. It’s something that’s never happened before.


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