Domenica Calarco enjoyed a night out with her MAFS co-stars just hours before saying she ‘couldn’t get out of bed’ due to the stress of being trolled online. Social media photos show the in-demand influencer, 29, looking in good spirits while out to dinner with her ex-boyfriend Jack Millar and their pals Ella Ding, Al Perkins and Brent Vitiello on Wednesday.

Addressing the backlash she faced for her harmless compliment on one of Robert’s videos, Domenica began: ‘I have not been coping.m‘Calling someone handsome has got me so many news articles [and] so many people having an opinion on things.’

The morning after their fun-filled outing, Domenica released a bonus episode of her podcast Sit With Us in which she addressed the vicious trolling she faced for trying to flirt with 18-year-old Robert Irwin on TikTok.

‘I’m letting people know I’m on medication, and I can’t get out of bed. I’m on medication and I can’t even get change out of my pajamas,’ she added. Domenica said she had decided to take time off social media to focus on her mental health.

Domenica was so upset she called her mother and told her she was considering deactivating her social media accounts and running away. ‘I got to a point last night where I called my mum. I’m like, “Mum, I wanna cancel my social media. I’m gonna run away. I can’t do it anymore, mum. I can’t do it.”

‘I have not been in the right mental space. I just felt so attacked,’ she said. ‘It’s easy for people to say that they can feel attacked, whatever, but I legitimately have felt the last few days, like bricks falling on me and it’s just felt really heavy.’

‘My mum got really worried about me… I FaceTimed her and I was really upset.’ The makeup artist insisted she was joking when she posted a comment on Robert’s TikTok last month calling him ‘handsome’.

She also clarified she preferred older men. ‘I didn’t sexualise him. I didn’t say that I wanted to root him… I just called him handsome,’ she explained. Domenica encouraged people to be more mindful and kind on social media.  Domenica had jokingly asked Robert if he wanted to go to the Logies with her after calling him handsome.

‘That’s gross, predatory behaviour. Be a better human and do better,’ another added.  ‘He’s barely 18!’ You’re basically an old lady to him,’ commented one use. While her remarks were clearly innocent, some critics pounced on her comments and suggested she was being ‘creepy’. ‘You’re literally 28? This is f***ing creepy? I was a fan of yours,’ wrote one troll, while another agreed: ‘That’s f***ing creepy’. 

‘Chill out he’s of legal age, wow,’ Domenica responded, but this only fed the self-righteous trolls, with one hitting back: ‘Only just. Doesn’t make it okay.’  Domenica went on to defend herself on the MAFS Uncensored Facebook group after being called ‘gross’ by one user. 

‘In Australia, legal age [of consent] is 16. He is 18. He can drink alcohol,’ she said.  ‘I can ask him to come to the Logies with me, and say that he is handsome. Take a chill pill everyone,’ she added. 


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